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Vid Master List

Posted on 2020.05.01 at 02:47

Doctor Who
Common People, New Who S2
I Will Kill Again, New Who S3
She's Losing It, New Who S4
Half Life, New Who S5
World Town, New Who S5
The World is Not Enough, New Who S5
Crumb by Crumb, New Who S5

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Half Life
High by the Beach

Grace Kelly
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Bleed Like Me

Battlestar Galactica
Army of Me

Crimson Peak
Vampire Blues


Terminator 2 + Aliens fanvid

Posted on 2016.10.06 at 13:15

soldier girl from Cvalda on Vimeo.

Song: Soldier Girl - Polyphonic Spree
Fandoms: Terminator 2 + Aliens
Vidder: cvalda
Summary: Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley, my problematic faves.
Content note: Violence, Body horror (takes a dark turn in the last third).


Vampire Blues - Crimson Peak

Posted on 2015.11.16 at 21:53

Song: Vampire Blues - Neil Young
Fandom: Crimson Peak
Vidder: cvalda
Summary: I'm a vampire babe/Sucking blood from the earth


High by the Beach - Buffy

Posted on 2015.10.15 at 14:49

High by the Beach from Cvalda on Vimeo.

Song: High by the Beach - Lana Del Rey
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vidder: cvalda
Characters: Buffy/Angel, Lily
Summary: Everyone can start again/not through love but through revenge.
Notes: Since previous Buffy vid was heavy on late-BTVS Slayer mythology I wanted to do an early Buffy teen angst vid, so it's all S2 (save for S3's Anne, used as a framing device). Pretty sure the only clip both vids use is taciturn Buffy in sunglasses gazing out of car window from When She Was Bad, just cause I love that Glum Glamour. Otherwise, this is Buffy/Angel but not very shippy, more about breakup and moving on, with parallels between Buffy and Lily (remember Lily?). I'd like to do a BTVS vid that's not so centred on the title character next, but real life is knocking.


Half Life - Buffy vid

Posted on 2015.10.09 at 04:48

Song: Half Life - The Sneaker Pimps
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vidder: cvalda
Summary: Slayer mythology filtered through trip hop.
Notes: Wanky response to latest Buffy rewatch. My second fanvid to this song (first was a Who vid). Took forever due to various computer issues.


Army of Me - Battlestar Galactica

Posted on 2015.05.06 at 00:43

Song: Army of Me - Bjork
Show: Battlestar Galactica
Vidder: cvalda

First fanvid in years! And of course it's for a show that finished years ago, oh well.

TARDIS splodey

A thought on Doctor Who and violence

Posted on 2014.11.16 at 12:40
let's get this out of the way first; I don't think the Doctor is a pacifist. He tries to resolve situations without violence, but he doesn't in principle oppose violence.

I've been watching a mix of New Who and Pertwee-era Who recently. And one difference I've noticed is that in the Pertwee era, military action often isn't the most effective way of addressing the problem and can even be the source of the problem. In The Sea Devils for example, military escalation makes the situation worse.

In New Who, it's often more like he outsources the necessary violence to keep his hands clean. spoilers for Death in HeavenCollapse )

Old-school Doctor was willing to get his hands dirty. He just preferred to find other ways to resolve the situation. New Who seems to be more interested in keeping the Doctor morally pure, which means outsourcing the violence which is still often portrayed as necessary.


The Crimson Horror

Posted on 2013.05.05 at 22:33
spoilery caps + quotesCollapse )

I liked that Gatiss really ran with the Gothic horror this week.

Also loved the guest cast.

This season is not blowing my mind and changing my life, but it's fun.


Doctor Who gender binary thoughts

Posted on 2013.04.23 at 00:41

Today’s XKCD reminds me of some subtext that bugged me in Hide, otherwise my favourite this year so far.

mild spoilers for Cold War & HideCollapse )


Hide: brief review thing (tumblr x-post)

Posted on 2013.04.21 at 15:43
spoilersCollapse )

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